BBNaija All Stars: Neo informs Tolanibaj, “I’m ending our relationship.”

Neo Akpofure, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, has threatened to break up with Tolanibaj after she got into a fight with Ilebaye on Tuesday because of him.

Ilebaye confronted Tolanibaj after discovering him flirting with Neo, and the latter called her “shameless” for getting into a fight over a man.

Following the fight, Neo and Tolani got into a heated argument in the bathroom.

What the f*ck do you think you’re doing, asked Neo? I’m going to sever all ties with this [relationship]. It no longer makes sense. I’ve told you numerous times. And you portray a lack of understanding. Do you recognize yourself? Do you lose sight of who you are?

I’m sick and tired of acting like an idiot, Tolanibaj retorted.

Neo interjected: “Playing fool to who? Why didn’t you lash out at me with that rage?

“I have done it so many times,” Tolanibaj declared. I’m worn out.

According to DAILY POST, Tolanibaj has feuded with a number of female roommates, including CeeC, and expelled housemates Princess and Uriel for previously making advances against Neo.

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